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Wendy Beckham

Body Confidence Shoot

Body confidence



Body confidence photography is a great experience because it can help you to:

  • See yourself in a new light.  My aim is to focus on your unique beauty and help you to see yourself in a new light. This can be a powerful way to challenge negative body image, thoughts and start to feel more confident in your own skin.
  • Celebrate your body. A simple white shirt can look extremely beautiful and feel comfortable, while choosing some new lingerie could make you feel more confident, I will help you to pose in a way that flatters your body and makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Build self-esteem. When you see the photos, you’ll be reminded of all the things that you love about yourself, and this can help you to feel more confident in your everyday life.
  • Have fun!  You should feel comfortable, relaxed and you should be able to let loose and be yourself.
  • Let your personality shine through.
  • It can help you to challenge unrealistic beauty standards. The media often bombards us with images of unrealistic beauty standards. This can lead to us feeling insecure about our own bodies. A body confidence photo shoot can help you to challenge these unrealistic standards and see that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
  • These shoots are also fantastic for brides to be as a small photo book from the shoot makes a fantastic gift for your partner.
  • All shoots include guidance on:
    Makeup and application if required
    Dry hair styling
    Shoots can take place in the comfort of your own home, or take advantage of using a luxurious room at a local boutique hotel. I am blessed to be able to use this lovely Victorian house, with its stunning rooms that are stacked with a wealth of local history. You could even add to your boudoir experience and stay for afternoon tea or book a luxurious meal, why not choose to book the room and complete the experience with a relaxing nights stay.
    1-2 hour photo session
    Pinterest page to share ideas
    3 outfit changes within the allocated shoot time
    Direction and posing guidance
    Professional beautiful image retouching to all your images that shows your true self.
    Being a qualified hairdresser and trained in makeup application i am able to offer guidance on all the details so you feel truly pampered, having a shoot with myself has the whole package built in.